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MAT-8421 Diode Matrix

MAT-8421 Diode Matrix The MAT-8421 diode matrix is a passive device designed for converting decimal signals into BCD codes. It features 33 inputs (corresponding to 33 tap changer positions) and 6 outputs (capable of representing the numbers 1 to 33 in BCD format).

In order to encode a value, one applies a positive DC signal between the input to be encoded and all outputs. This signal is conducted by at least one diode, elevating the voltage at one or more outputs to the input voltage minus each conducting diode's junction potential.

Versions featuring other encodings and/or negative voltages can be manufactured on special order.
Manuals Best practices for installation The articles above were written by Keith Armstrong from Cherry Clough Consultants.
Reverse voltage 1 kV
Absolute maximum average current 1 A
Forward voltage drop < 1.8 V
Protection/isolation class II
Overvoltage category II
Pollution degree 2
Assembly 35 mm DIN rail
Operating temperature -40 to 85 °C
Operating humidity 10 to 90% without condensation
Size (L x W x H) 108 x 83 x 58 mm
Weight 200 g
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